How to buy

How we work

Our technical specialists are always eager to inform you about the full range of spare parts and items that can be supplied. Technical and legal departments would provide you qualified help on the stage of contract preparation.

Forms of payment

Ivekta LLC accepts standard international payment forms like bank transfers or others that are not in contradiction with Russian Legislation and are acceptable in the international Business practice.

We are ready to negotiate with you all aspects of mutual fruitful cooperation.

How to make an order?

In order to accelerate the processing of your order and to save your proposal waiting time, you are kindly recommended to follow just few simple but rather important rules.

To be mentioned in your order :

  1. Description of needed item or detail taken from the appropriate manufacturer catalogue for ordering spare parts.
  2. Catalogue reference numbers that are available in the appropriate manufacturer catalogue.
  3. Exact amount of each item to be ordered.
  4. Your destination.
  5. Logistical requirements in accordance with «INCOTERMS-2010».
  6. Your preferred currency of payment.
  7. Your preferred payment form.

Your order can be sent via e-mail or fax.

If you encounter any problems when filling in your blank order, do not hesitate to contact our specialists who will definitely help you to complete your order.

Our managers will complete our commercial proposal in the shortest time possible.

Our price policy

Our companies’ price policy is dependent on the final amount of your order.

Prices listed in our proposals are supposed to be discussed individually. Prices may be dependent on the total cargo weight or the volume, as well as the amount of ordered positions or the total sum of money in your order. We intentionally do not offer any possibility to order items via web-shop on-line. This is done to be always customer-specific and to be to agree prices for each specific volume.

Supply contracts

Our company can contractually supply for export any goods needed by our clients. Via your particular request you can familiarize yourselves with our standard supply contract form. Any contract items can be negotiated for amendment upon your special request.

Our company provides custom duties and document preparation for any goods exported from Russia.

For the clients, non-Russian residents, it is necessary to sign a contract where the following information is obligatory :

  • Supply terms;
  • Payment terms;
  • Total amount;
  • Contract specifications for one general or each particular supply batch with list of items, amount and prices for spare parts to be supplied;
  • Any penalties pending;
  • Start date and end date of the contract.