Ivecta LLC is your reliable supplier of spare parts for the broadest range of automobiles from Russia and CIS countries (former USSR countries ). We have direct contacts with the majority of manufacturers of trucks, passenger cars and tractors from Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia. We offer our clients the broadest range of spare parts, engines and tires. Our proposal includes original details of the highest quality with the most reasonable prices.

The full list of spare parts that can be ordered is available in the catalogue.

  • Trucks — KAMAZ, MAZ, ZiL , GAZ, KrAZ, UAZ, URAL;
  • Passenger cars — Lada, Moskvitch, Volga, UAZ;
  • Tractors — MTZ, YUMZ, DT75, T330, K700;
  • Motorcycles — Ural;
  • Bearings for all the full range of transport assortment;
  • Tires, inc. ones for tractors and airport transport;
  • Raw Metal;
  • Accumulator batteries;
  • Construction equipment;
  • Firefighting equipment.

As well as the engines for the abovementioned transport and the full range of spare parts.

Every batch of spare parts supplied by Ivecta is supplemented with the corresponding technical documentation.

We restore and export vehicles that are since a while out of production line.

Motor car KRAZ-255 restored, before shipment for transportation to the client. Restored KRAZ-255 being loaded on the sea vessel to be dispatched for a client.
Shipped motor cars on the deck. Shipped motor cars on the deck.
Automobiles are loaded on the ship deck.